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The gradual increase of dependent people requires home help measures are not easy to obtain in a society in which changes have tended important place. Amat initiative arises with the full coverage of home help and home care for elderly care. We are aware that every chronic illness or disability situation is different, so we adapt to the specific needs of the patient and the chances of your home.

On a first visit an assessment of the level of dependency of the person is performed. Depending on the outcome of the needs and possibilities of the family, the most appropriate staff be appointed to home care.

All staff home help care assistants as auxiliary graduates, consists in dealing with dependents and has a clear vocation. There is a team behind that oversees the work and advice on specific questions in case of home care.

Amat also offers counseling for family members know how to act in new situations or to educate the caregiver and place in a suitable care methodology (acquisition of good posture, avoid stress, etc). We offer home care of other professionals such as psychologists or therapists, a hairdresser or manicure etc.

Help the 3rd Age

Amat intervenes to improve the quality of life of older people. For this reason we pay attention holistically. Besides covering their physical, encourage self-care, we try to feel useful, accompany or suggest leisure activities in order to keep them integrated into their surroundings. We also consider it important to give the company you need, talk to them, listen and participate, we take special care because their emotional state.

We also know that age decreases the resilience and know how difficult it is for a larger family and to take the decision out of their usual environment or home. This is one of the reasons why we are born as a company. We provide assistance to our seniors need in their own home, in their neighborhood and its people.

Children, grandchildren or couples often see ourselves in the dilemma of not being able to devote the time that we want or need the person. Amat Services offers skilled in home help and specialized care for the elderly.

At first contact the family specifies what help you need or if you prefer, Amat sets the level of ability of the person to perform the Activities of Daily Living (ADL). It is sent to the right person at home helps. Later we maintain a constant communication between the highest and his family with the company, in order to maintain the quality of home care.

Home care provided is done in its broadest sense. It ranges from keeping the home in perfect order and hygiene, to the care and support of higher (daily cleaning, intake recommended by your doctor, grocery shopping, place and food preparation to carry out a healthy diet, the proper management of household). We promote the development of physical exercise (daily walk or movement of joints) and cognitive (reading the newspaper, memory exercises..)adapted to yourneeds.

Actions aimed at home help


Bath shower, toilet in bed, change of clothes and diaper, shaved, washed and combed hair, hygiene of the mouth and lips, skin care, nail trimming, pressure ulcer prevention, monitoring of vital signs, etc.

Mobilization support

Transfer wheelchair sofa bed, get up and lie down, position and location transfers, mobility aids by units of the home and outside it, promoting good posture habits in the use of walkers, wheelchairs, cranes and other technical aids. Likewise, we seek to support and control food intake and medication administration (always under medical prescription).


Individualized programs designed to promote healthy living, optimal cognitive, emotional and motivational functioning, as well as a favorable development of social life.


Domestic support, washing and ironing tasks, performing household shopping, preparing meals tailored to the dietary needs of the person.


Company night and day at home, in hospitals, private institutions, leisure or accompaniment, walking, calendar management, medical visits, rehabilitation services, religious services, negotiations with public agencies and private entities…


We offer a business plan (cognitive, motor, sensorial, recreational, etc.), aimed at curbing functional decline and try to overcome the daily difficulties. Through them, it is possible to maintain or slow the progressive deterioration in the capacity of the affected person.


The increased rate of life makes these needs are becoming more frequent. Adaptations of physiotherapy facilitate the achievement and improvement of functional, psychological and psychomotor skills thus contributing to the overall welfare state.


Hairdresser, pedicure, manicure…

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We are part of the network ofhome help and home careMondial Assistance International Group for integrated support services for elderly and dependent persons, family support and home. To do this we meet the standards required for the fulfillment of the objectives in care services for elderly and dependent.