Home Help and Cleaning Services

En Amat The gradual increase of dependent people requires home help measures are not easy to obtain in a society in which changes have tended important place. Amat initiative arises with the full coverage of home help and home care for elderly care. We are aware that every chronic illness or disability situation is different, so we adapt to the specific needs of the patient and the chances of your home.
On a first visit an assessment of the level of dependency of the person is performed. Depending on the outcome of the needs and possibilities of the family, the most appropriate staff be appointed to home care.
All staff home help care assistants as auxiliary graduates, consists in dealing with dependents and has a clear vocation. There is a team behind that oversees the work and advice on specific questions in case of home care.
Amat also offers counseling for family members know how to act in new situations or to educate the caregiver and place in a suitable care methodology (acquisition of good posture, avoid stress, etc). We offer home care of other professionals such as psychologists or therapists, a hairdresser or manicure etc.
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